HotBurn Software from Iomega

Another press release on Yahoo learns us that Iomega has developed a new burning software package that has the intention to make burning easier.

The software is called Hotburn and the software is able to create data CD’s. Also a function, ‘BestOf’ is available that let’s you make a compilation of your favorite tracks that are spread on several CD’s

HotBurn Software from Iomega

The HotBurn console interface conveniently groups all options for creating a CD on a single screen, and the interface is designed with replaceable skins that allow the user to customize the software’s look and feel. Additional convenience features include a “Best Of” CD creation function, which streamlines the making of a compilation disc by eliminating the need to copy selections from several CDs to the hard drive first.

Standard HotBurn features for Macintosh® and Windows® users include easy two-step music and data CD mastering, one-step CD duplication and convenient CD imaging of multiple copies from a source CD. HotBurn also fully supports new technologies like BURN-Proof(TM), which virtually eliminates the buffer under-run errors that can turn a CD into a coaster.

HotBurn for Windows includes an editor for CD labels and jewel case inserts, and it also incorporates drag-and-drop file management software that allows the CD-RW drive to work as a standard removable drive.

The software seems to be somekind of EasyCDCreator and will be available in October with new Iomega CD-RW drives; it will also be available in the fourth quarter of this year as a retail download from Iomega’s website.

Always nice to see the development of other software, but why don’t they just sell Nero with their drives, anyone that has a burner has to agree that you want this software with your drive !