Infiniti releases LightScribe CD-R’s

Dismembered Ninja used our news submit to tell us about this press release he saw over at Disc-Info: In addition to the press release, we can read this comment there: “There doesn’t seem to be very many people doing LightScribe discs, apart from the massive companies like Verbatim and HP, so maybe this is a sign that LightScribe is becoming affordable enough for most users.”

Press Release:

Medea International introduces Infiniti Lightscribe CD-R Discs.

With Infiniti Lightscribe discs you can burn and “scribe” your CD-R using the same device. A special coating is used on the upper surface of the discs that allows a Lightscribe enabled disc burner to ‘burn’ a design onto it. Focused light energy from the laser inside a Lightscribe drive causes a chemical reaction on the thin, dye coated surface on the disc. Because there is no printing involved there is no need for the extra expense of a separate printer.All Lightscribe designs are etched using the laser already inside your disc drive.

Using Infiniti Lightscribe discs is very easy. First, burn your information on to the disc (data, photos, music, video etc.) using your Lightscribe disc drive. Once you have finished burning the data, open the disc drive and flip over the disc. You can then, using the same drive, burn your design onto the top surface of the disc.

By using label-making software such as SureThing 4S which can be downloaded for free, you can print whatever you want to personalise your discs. This could be text, photos or custom designs. If you need some inspiration you can download free templates and graphics from the Medea Graphics Centre at

Benefits of Infiniti Lightscribe Discs

  • High Quality Disc Labelling: No more marker pens, only precise, laser etched, elegant designs.
  • Easy to Use: The same drive used to record data creates your disc label.
  • Mobility: No need for a printer, burn a disc on the move from your laptop.
  • Creativity: Total freedom to create anything from the simplest text to complex graphics.Infiniti Lightscribe discs are the latest addition to the famous Infiniti optical media brand which already includes and extensive range of CD & DVD media.

For more information on other Infiniti products please visit Details of availability and the Infiniti Disc dealer network are available at

I must admit, that I have some LightScribe DVD discs…but I have yet to even try one out – even though I have a couple drives that are capable. Seems I am never in a creative enough mood, or just don’t want to take the time!

Source: Disc-Info