Is it possible to recover a scratched disc?

How many times have you faced this problem? A little distraction is sufficient and your children will destroy your favorite DVDs.

Is it possible to recover scratched discs? An article published by claims that this is possible thanks to the OptoClear 60 Elite.

According to Daniel A. Diotte, CEO of VenMill Industries who developed this patented system, the OptoClear 60 Elite is an indispensable companion for video rental businesses, libraries and schools. However, with a price of $ 1,000 it’s very unlikely that this device will be purchased for a family usage.

How it works? Basically, this device heats the disc to 150 degrees Fahrenheit while a cotton flannel buffing wheel turns against the disc at 7,500 revolutions per minute.

Mr. Diotte claimed that this system will work also on high-definition discs.