JVC to ship 2x DVD-RW DL media in 2nd Quarter

JVC announced today that 2x Dual Layer DVD-RW media will be available to ship in the 2nd Quarter of this year. JVC announced Dual Layer DVD-RW media about a year ago and are finally ready to release the product this year. While the initial product will be 2x JVC have also developed a 4x disc in their development labs. The 2x product will provide users with 8.5 gigabytes of
re-writable storage provided they have a drive that will support the media.

JVC have already submitted the product to the DVD forum so that manufactures can start implementing the technology into their drives. JVC has not hinted at any time date for 4x DVD-RW DL discs but did say that the discs can be produced on conventional manufacturing equipment. The DVD-RW DL discs use a new highly sensitive recording medium and a new writing strategy called N-Strategy based on JVC’s proprietary phase change technology developed originally for high speed DVD-RW discs.

The new DVD-RW DL media allows enough of the 650nm laser light to pass through to the second layer to read and write it. Unlike normal DVD-RW discs it has the correct characteristics to erase and form dots on the first layer when written to. The 2nd layer of the disc uses a traditional DVD-RW medium.

JVC logoJVC today announced the world’s first single-sided, dual-layer DVD-RW media will ship in Q2, more than a year after the company unveiled the technology.The new discs will support 2x recording speeds, JVC said, but it was quick to point out it has already developed a 4x version in its labs.

The 2x products will provide DVD-RW users with 8.5GB of re-writeable storage capacity – provided they have a drive compatible with the discs, of course. Presumably, JVC’s submission of the technology to the DVD Forum has reached the stage where there’s a specification drive makers can use to prepare ‘DVD-RW DL’ writer hardware.

JVC would not say when 4x discs will come to market. Like the 2x discs, the 4x products can be produced using conventional manufacturing equipment, JVC claimed. JVC’s DL disc uses a “highly sensitive” recording medium and a new recording method the company is provisionally calling ‘N-Strategy’, both based on JVC’s proprietary phase-change design technology developed for high speed DVD-RW discs, the latter to “enhance erasability”.

The new recording medium provides allows enough 650nm laser light to pass through to read and write to the second, upper layer, but unlike traditional DVD-RW media, it has the right absorption characteristics to properly form and erase data dots when the first layer is written to or erased. The disc’s second layer uses a standard DVD-RW recording medium.


Source: The Register