Korean label protects its CDs with new copy protection

A Korean lable has chosen to work with the company Settec in order to copy protect their CDs. Settec has developed a protection called Alpha Audio.

The protection is more user friendly then most protections used in the US and Europe. The consumers gets two CDs, one to use on normal CD players and one to use on the computer:

Korean label protects its CDs with new copy protection

The album is consisted of two discs because different technology is applied in each disc. Disc 1 plays on every type of consumer CD players but does not play on PC and Macintosh computers; Disc 2 is designed only for PC playback. In the disc 2, there are PC data that launches custome player to enable PC playing. In addition, master recording (MR) are contained in the disc 2 as bonus audio tracks, sort of like songs without the voice like karaoke songs.

Settec commented that it was the record company¡¯s decision to use 2 discs to give more values to consumers and to achieve high copy protection ability along with playability on all different players. In the news conference, reporters were told that more albums are scheduled to be released in coming months.

Customers are clearly informed about copy protection features on the cover of the album and Settec¡¯s trademark logo for their technology, Alpha-Disc, is shown on the disc instead of Compact Disc logo on the CD.

The company proudly commented that none of the songs of the CD could be found on large file sharing networks, but maybe this is caused because the first copy protected CD is a local hip-hop compilation album, ¡°2002 Korea¡±.

Source: Mi2n.com