LG unveils world’s first 4x Blu-ray disc writer

Despite the slow sales of Blu-ray writers at present, according to Pocket-lint LG has just announced its 4x Blu-ray disc writer, which it claims to be the world’s fastest Blu-ray writer this time.  It also features up to 12x writing to DVD±R and 8x/10x writing to CD-R/RW respectively.  Unfortunately, according to this article on Channel Register and this earlier DigiTimes report, the drive does not support dual-layer Blu-ray recording for either BD-R or BD-R formats.

The Drive features a 4MB buffer for Blu-ray writing and a 2MB buffer for writing to other mediums.  It also supports writing to DVD±R/RW, DVD-RAM and DVD±R DL as well as CD-R and CD-RW.

While this writer has the advantage of high seed Blu-ray writing, those who are interested in being able to write dual-layer discs would be better either going for an existing Blu-ray drive that supports dual-layer recording or holding off for a 4x writer with dual-layer support.  So far, no pricing has been announced for this drive at this time of writing.