Latin music up, but piracy hurts says RIAA

jsl used our newssubmit to tell us about another complaint from the RIAA:

Latin music up, but piracy hurts says RIAADespite meager record sales last year, shipments of Latin music CDs were up 9%, according to statistics released Tuesday by the Recording Industry Association of America. The dollar value of those CDs grew to $582.7 million in 2001 from $515.6 million in 2000. However, the RIAA said that while the growth of Latin music has been steady during the past three years, shipments of CDs have not increased as quickly as expected. The RIAA attributed this slowing to the impact of physical piracy on the market. “Although the Latin music market is vibrant, it’s not immune to the forces of piracy harming the music industry today, particularly with physical CDs,” RIAA president and CEO Hillary Rosen said. “Over 24% of the illegal product we seized in 2001 was from the Latin music genre. This number represents a share of piracy much larger than its own share of the legitimate market.” (Tamara Conniff)

Maybe Mrs. Hillary Rosen should have a talk with Mr. Boucher instead of complaining all the time…

Source: Hollywood Reporter