Lite-On IT landed DVD-ROM drive OEM orders for Xbox 360

Lite-On IT has been reportedly landed DVD-ROM drive OEM orders for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 consoles, with shipments of 800 thousand to 1 million units per month starting in the 3rd quarter this year, going by this DigiTimes report.  As Lite-On has non-disclosure agreements signed with its clients, it is unwilling to confirm the report or make any comment.

At present, the Xbox 360 built-in DVD-ROM drives have been produced by Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology (TSST) and BenQ.  However, as Lite-On took over BenQ’s optical drive business back in 2006, it had to obtain a new certification from Microsoft to take over the Xbox 360 OEM drive manufacturing rights.  Based on the reported upcoming monthly shipments and Microsoft’s target of 15 million Xbox 360 sales in 2007, Lite-On may potentially even overtake TSST for Xbox 360 OEM drive shipments. 

Further info can be read in this DigiTimes reportThanks to GristyMcFisty for letting us know about this news.