MP3 King / Chromium NOT in jail

Rule number one in news delivery: CHECK YOUR SOURCES MP3 King / Chromium NOT in jail

This was the news posting earlier today:
Today we got the information that MP3King also known as Chromium is in jail at the moment. He was one of the people that once posted his story on our forum. If you are Dutch you can read that he had about 3000 albums on MP3. He sold for less then 375 USD and still got busted. 8 policemen searched his house (even trashcans etc) He is one of a small amount of people that got busted, but he is a good example of what CAN happen, although the risc is nowadays not that big anymore. We don’t know what his punishment will be…

Well good things first he is NOT in jail MP3 King / Chromium NOT in jail or convicted yet. The verdict will be in 3 weeks and then will be decided if he gets a fine of FL 2,000 or a couple of millions (and a ticket to jail). Anyway we keep your informed about this as this ‘case’ is under heavy interest of the scene.

One thing reported by Mp3King is absolutly insane; he mentions that the police searching his house called the biggest TV station in Holland that the bust was not as big as planned…..