Microsoft / Adobe pirate jailed for nine months

A Scottish man who
pirated software worth over £750,000 was jailed for nine months this week. 
Brendan Timoney of Coatbridge North Lanarkshire in Scotland pleaded
guilty to three of the eight charges he faced in court.  Timoney had
been selling pirated copies of Adobe and Microsoft software from his home and
from his brothers and mothers house. Timoneys mother and brother faced the
same charges as he did, both have pleaded not guilty to the charges and were
found innocent as their was no evidence against them.

A Scottish man
who pirated computer software valued at Legalan estimated £750,000 was this week jailed for nine
Brendan Timoney, 40, of the village of Coatbridge, in
north Lanarkshire, central Scotland, pleaded guilty to three of eight
charges he originally faced at Airdrie Sheriff Court, the Glasgow
Evening Times.

Timoney was selling illegal Adobe and Microsoft software. The
illicit business was carried out at his home and from his brother’s and
mother’s house. His brother, Paul, and mother, Rose Margaret, faced the
same charges. Both pleaded not guilty and were found innocent after the
Crown offered no evidence against

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.  Looks like he wont be selling any pirate software where hes

Source: The Register