More Gnutella information

I was very interested in the Gnutella program, so I decided to look around for some information. Once I downloaded the file from MP3-Tip (a Dutch site) a whole new world opened for me. The bad thing is that I am stuck behind a firewall, so to me the whole thing was a disappointment, I wasn’t able to download a thing. But there is a solution for that, and as I know that there a lot of people that have the same problem, so I would like to call everyone to use ports (change the listen port in the config thingie)like ftp and http ports (21,23,80) ICQ ports (4000) and IRC ports (6667 till 7000). This would make the program more accessible to other people, and this would help to expand the network.

How does it work ? Well that’s a good question and I would have answered it, but someone did that before me on a better way I could ever do it, so I recommend to you the site Here you will find all the basic information, and more. Also join #gnutella on EFnet, there are some very friendly people, that are very willing to help if you have some problems with the program.

What is so good about it ? The great thing is that you can find almost everything you can imagine, and that you will feel anonymous. The program works very simple and you can find full xxx movies, mp3’s, programs etc etc. It’s a shame AOL didn’t allow Nullsoft to continue with it, because it’s a cool piece of software, but according to the pages, the Gnutella project will be continued and that’s very promising !

Here are some servers so you can step in, also if you want to connect to a new cluster you might want to try one of these !

that’s all for now, have fun !