Nero DriveSpeed v1.60

This program is able to set your CD/DVD drive speed to such one that you can (for example) see a movie without hearing the CD, because most of the time (i think it’s widespread) the CDVD spins up, sounding like a starting airplane, spins down, and when his buffer is empty restart with spinning up the disc. What this program does is mainly set your CDVD speed to a normal (acceptable in case of sound) speed and hold it there, without ever spinning down. How it does that… Don’t ask me… It works, that’s all i know…

Nero DriveSpeed v1.60Changes:

  • Speed set after a disc is inserted (Auto Insert Notification must be enabled)
  • This has been implemented because many drives lose their speed setting when a new disc is inserted.
  • Bug fix: speed settings not saved on some configurations
  • Other small bug fixes/improvements

This program can be catched here.

Source: CdSpeed2000