Netflix to launch video download service?

By way of
Slashdot we found that the guys from HackingNetFlix have found a small glitch in the NetFlix software
and made a screenshot. NetFlix is the biggest DVD rental company in the United
States and allows unlimited DVD rentals by postal mail service. The move to
downloading movies would be an obvious expantion to its current services.

I just noticed in my account info page, there is a
section for “Netflix Player” with a link to “Register Player”. If I follow
the link, there is a form to “Add a Netflix Player”, and it asks for
“Registration ID” and “Name your box”. I haven’t noticed this before. I
wonder if this is a new service that they are rolling out. Could this be
something to do with movies-on-demand? Or do they have a netflix-branded
movie player of some kind?

More information and the entire screenshot can be found
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Source: HackingNetFlix