New Pioneer KURO plasma TV range

Pioneer has announced that the company will expand its KURO product portfolio. The company will expand its first range of KURO LCD TVs as well as an introduction of new KURO plasma TVs. Pioneer promises that their new plasma and Front Screen Projector range will offer industry-leading quality.

The company’s new KURO plasma TVs pushes closer to absolute black by further reducing the idling luminance and improving black levels five times over the previous 2007 KURO models, Pioneer says. The new range will be available in 50 and a 60-inch models. The KURO plasma TVs offer different sound settings and feature an audio volume stabilisation that further controls the volume level when switching between different kinds of programming. The TV’s coolest feature must be the Optimum Mode. This is an automatic adjustment mode that synchronises sight and sound by monitoring the content and room light conditions. When this is done the TV chooses the correct picture and sounds settings. All models have a 9.4 cm thinness, a new remote control and they are ready for ISF C3 calibration to customise the TV’s settings.

The new KURO Front projector is developed for those with a dedicated home cinema room. Pioneer’s new KURO projector is configured for screen sizes starting from 60 inches and is in line with the KURO benchmark of deep black levels and rich colours.

Pioneer will release their new range of KURO plasma TVs in June (depends on region) and its Front projector is available this month.