Nullsoft Winamp 2.74 released

Nullsoft released version 2.74 of their mp3 player WinAmp. Winamp is the most populair MP3 player around and is free for download. Nothing special about this update. Here’s the changelog:

Winamp 2.74:

* fixed vis shutdown related bugs (message pump is run while waiting for safety)

* cleaned up some startup code

* fixed layer 2 i/s bug in in_mp3

* fixed HTTP/1.1 + Apache CGI issues in in_mp3.

* improved HTTP auth support in in_mp3 .. it’s the shits!

* updated to new in_midi version (go PP)

* removed CDDB support (temporarily, hopefully)

* new AVS with Overlay support

* made uninstall use NSIS’s uninstaller

They removed CDDB support (that gives you the titles of tracks when you insert a CD) because this has switched to a new system. And according to the people on the forum, they also put in a new MP3 decoder.

Source: Winamp Forum