Plextor and Safedisk2

QuickJack sent in this interesting piece of info that he recieved from the plextor support team. Take a look…

This is from the Plextor Support Team

The problem is that all forms of copy protection break at least one if not multiple specifications. Adding to the confusion is the assumptions made by consumers as to what “bit accurate” means to them, and what is the definition as outlined by the ISO committee that ratified the specification. Currently the most common form of copy protection is to write “bad blocks” of data with incorrect checksums in specific locations on the disc. Most software does not consider it a good thing to transfer bad data.

The irony here is that your choice
of software does not do bit accurate anything, but instead will allow for bad data to be transferred. The portion of the command set that allows this “end-around” for reading/writing “bad data” has nothing to do with bit accurate reads/writes, and in fact is in direct conflict with such specifications.


Plextor FULLY supports the MMC command set. Bit accurate reads will not allow for bad blacks to be transferred. We absolutely adhere to that specification, and in fact part of our reputation is built on our performance of bit accurate reads. This is an absolute requirement for our professional markets, whom, not
surprisingly, do not duplicate copy protected discs.

If you can find a piece of software that will blithely copy discs with bad sectors, then clearly our hardware performs as such.

I hope you find this clarification helpful.

Plextor Support Team – Jared

Update: This news came form the CloneClinic Forum (Sorry guys we didn’t know, QuickJack submitted that just a little while later)

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