RAW CD Copy version 2.1 is now released

interceptor used our newssubmit to tell us that RAW CD Copy version 2.1 is now released. This software should be able to create almost true copies of CD’s by supporting MMC modes: DAO 16, DAO 96, SAO RAW or SAO RAW+SUB.

The software is also able to extract full Sub Channels from discs and RAW copy multi-session discs. Also copying CD-Text and the use of no, half or full errorcorrection is available.

This version contains the following new features:

RAW CD Copy version 2.1 is now released

  • Interface is automatically saved upon exiting.

  • An automated help window teaches the user how to use RAW CD Copy.

  • The time remaining in a read/write operation is predicted.

    Bugs fixed:

  • Reading discs on slower computers is now faster.

  • Work-ahead buffering mechanism has been optimized.

  • Better detection of drive compatibility with “Extract Sub Channels” read mode.

  • ‘cannot set read error recovery mode page’ error exhibited in windows 2000 has been corrected.

  • Changes have been made to several pieces of text to make them more user-friendly.

  • Unverified changes have been made for better drive compatibility.

    Coming soon to RAW CD Copy:

    .ISO burning, .BIN+.CUE burning, on the fly .MP3 burning, advanced cd data error recovery, and more….

  • ASPI is required for RAW CD Copy to work correctly. If you do not have ASPI (Windows 2000 and Windows ME do not come installed with it!), you can download it on their site. Also, please note RAW CD Copy is beta software and the author needs as much feedback as possible to continue its development.

    Source: RAW CD Copy homepage