RC5 Team ranked #24 of the day! Get you cow now…

Ok just a few stats from yesterday, since it was a good day again. (Like all monday’s). With a total of 183,668 blocks completed yesterday we went up 5 ranks to the #264 position and ranked #24 for that day.

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RC5 Team ranked #24 of the day! Get you cow now...Current Rank: 264
Total blocks to search: 68,719,476,736
Total blocks checked: 11,446,555
Days working: 1,118
Overall Rate: 31,809.67 kkeys/second

Rank Participant First Last Yesterday %
1 [CD Freaks] ReDFoX [CD Freaks] 5-Jun-2000 29-Apr-2001 77,649 42.28
2 The3rdLevel 5-Apr-2001 29-Apr-2001 12,848 7.00
3 [De Giel] 7-Jun-2000 29-Apr-2001 7,746 4.22
4 ssx29@yahoo.fr 20-Feb-2001 29-Apr-2001 7,624 4.15
5 iceman@pc.dk 25-Feb-2001 29-Apr-2001 7,517 4.09
6 mutlab@tiscalinet.it 19-Feb-2001 29-Apr-2001 7,333 3.99
7 gewse 1-Feb-2001 29-Apr-2001 4,850 2.64
8 lmgc10@hotmail.com 20-Feb-2001 29-Apr-2001 2,928 1.59
9 Kodo 23-Mar-2001 29-Apr-2001 2,507 1.36
10 jswapp@mailandnews.com 17-Feb-2001 29-Apr-2001 2,291 1.25

Redfox flushed 77,649 blocks again showing he is the number one. The3rdLevel flushed 12,848 blocks. Not a big surprise since he is flushing that amounts for some weeks now. [DeGiel] flushed 7,746 blocks. Oh wait that’s me RC5 Team ranked #24 of the day! Get you cow now... Well a friend of my flushed RC5 Team ranked #24 of the day! Get you cow now...

Also like I thought 2 days ago the overall CD Freaks team top 3 position changed again. We have Redfox, iceman and tristan on 1, 2 and 3. And already fourth is now The3rdLevel.

Keep flushing, thank you all!

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