RipIt4Me freeware DVD backup tool updated to

spotted this update to RipIt4Me over at FileForum. This software takes up where
DVD Decrypter was stopped. Couple it with some burning software or even DVD
Shrink and backups of your movies are easy again, with the wizard driven
interface. You can even use the incorporated “one click” mode if you are not too

new in this version:

  • Added option to start DVD Shrink’s deep analysis automatically.
    Set RunDVDShrinkDeepAnalysis = 1 in the .ini file for that to happen

  • Added a temporary dropdown in the preferences to select how the
    original IFOs are copied from the disc. Normally, you should keep it set
    to “normal mode”. But if RipIt4Me gives you error messages such as
    “video_ts.ifo declares 6 VTS, and I’m finding only

  • The command cleanup code was not cleaning up post commands. This
    has been fixed

  • The RipIt4Me version is now displayed at the top of the debug

  • Fixed a rare problem that could occur in in Movie+Menus mode,
    when there are “similar” movie PGCs in the same VTS (for example
    duplicates or multi-story) and one of them is not visited. RipIt4Me
    could erroneously report that the movie was not referenced.

  • Fixed a little bug in the routine that checks for scratches in
    Movie-Only mode. This should fix the Click and Death Tunnel movie-only

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the Jump To Menu function to be
    activated on Movie-Only rips

If you want to give this program a try, or if you need
the update, then follow the link to FileForum!

Source: BetaNews