Rumor: Apple tablet expected this fall

Apple fans take note; unconfirmed rumors indicate Apple is developing a tablet device that will be ready this fall, though additional details are not available about the device.

Venture Beat’s Dean Takahashi wrote a post that indicates PA Semi, a chip company Apple purchased in 2008, will be responsible for developing the Apple chips used in the tablet device.

Last October, rumors surfaced indicating Apple was working on a tablet device that would cost $800, though Apple denied the rumors.  But after considering PA Semi, which was purchased for $278 million, no one was entirely sure what Apple would use the company for.  It appears the company has been split into two divisions, with one branch working on ARM-based processors for iPod MP3 players or the iPhone, while the other branch is working on a tablet processor.

Despite Apple’s track record of being able to keep future product announcements under wraps, if Venture Beat is writing reports of a tablet device and stating PA Semi is involved, then I’m willing to believe a an Apple tablet could be released before the end of the year. 


Aside from PA Semi being involved in the project, not much else is known about the device that is under lock and key from Apple.  It’s likely that the product would have a touch screen and that Apple will include higher-end, more expensive hardware that will help it outperform and outclass inexpensive netbooks.

Would you be interested in an $800 tablet device, or will you choose to purchase cheaper devices from Asus, Dell, or other companies working on similar products?