Samsung SD-616 16X DVD-ROM Review

Our friend Bijtje used our newssubmit to tell us that has a review on the Samsung SD-616 DVD-ROM player. This drive is able to play DVD’s at 16 speed and CD’s at 48 speed.

Samsung SD-616 16X DVD-ROM Review


Samsung is an electronics giant from Korea who has steadily made inroads in the consumer electronics and PC market over the last few years. By offering up a good balance of performance, quality, and features, the SD-616 is able to compete in the same market segments which the product is geared for.

There is a lot of upside to this DVD-ROM, and its a fairly impressive unit when compared to the Pioneer which is the drive that’s considered to be the fastest on the market.

Overall the Samsung SD-616 is a unit that would make me consider upgrading my older Toshiba DVD drive, when considering the advantages of its faster CD-ROM capabilities along with its competitive DVD-ROM abilities. Its much more quiet, and better looking than the Pioneer drive as well.