SanDisk increases SSD speeds

SanDisk has announced it has created a new technology capable of increasing solid-state drive performance up to 100 times over current speeds.

The new technology unveiled at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC), reportedly "has the potential" to increase SSD speeds 100 times.  The new technology, dubbed ExtremeFFS, will be optimized to work well for Microsoft Windows Vista,

SanDisk’s ExtremeFFS system uses a "page-based algorithm" and if "a sector of data is written, the SSD puts it where it is most convenient and efficient," according to the company.  Using a page-based algorithm means the fixed coupling present between physical and logical location in most SSDs will be removed, which leads to higher performance and more reliable drives.

SanDisk plans to incorporate ExtremeFFS into SanDisk products beginning in early 2009.

SSDs are known to be faster than hard disk drives when it comes to reading data, but HDDs are faster at randomly writing datas to the drive.

It seems the main setback holding SSD down at the moment is the high price of the drives.  HDD prices have drastically decreased over the last 15 months, while the cost of SSD drives remain high.