Sky tests 3DTV waters

British broadcaster Sky officially kicked off 3D television in the United Kingdom after operating a live 3D transmission of a live concert of an English piano rock band.

Sky said its transmission of Keane’s recent performance is the first domestic 3D transmission, with future performances expected in the future.  The company was clear to point out that it’s not the official launch of a 3DTV product line, but just another step in its research and development towards 3D broadcasting.

"We’re excited to have worked with to have worked with Keane and their innovative management team to explore how our 3D TV technology might be used to offer a totally new viewing experience for live and recorded music," according to Gerry O’Sullivan, director of product development at Sky.

Sky tests 3DTV waters

During the recent testing, the 3D content was shown on a Hyundai "3D Ready" TV connected to a Sky+HD set-top box, and was transmitted using the Sky+HD infrastructure.

The company previously showed off a soccer game and a Sky One show in 3D, and received promising reviews from users who were able to watch the content.

Despite development struggles over the years, both TV manufacturers and broadcasters are working on technology to bring 3D transmissions into the living room.  Samsung, Sony, Disney, Panasonic, and several other companies have stepped forward and said they’re actively working on 3D technology.  It’s unknown how high consumer demand is for 3D TV at the moment — but broadcasters are heavily investing in the technology.