Small PS2 and small Xbox’s in development?

Sony and Microsoft are both working on small handheld gaming machines. This to compete with the GameBoy and to complement their ‘big’ consoles: the PlayStation 2 and the Xbox.

That, at least, is what stock market watcher Nikko Salomon Smith Barney has claimed in a new report examining the future for Nintendo. Looking ahead at the GameBoy Advance, the report notes that Sony and Microsoft are both expected to enter the market too.

Sony’s unit is a PDA-cum-console derived from its Clié organiser, which runs the Palm OS. By a strange coincidence, Microsoft’s unit as also a PDA-cum-console based upon its PocketPC platform, which runs Windows CE.

Hope this is all compatible. Play device against device Small PS2 and small Xbox's in development? (games suck however Small PS2 and small Xbox's in development?, personal opinion :))

Source: The Register