Software: Clone CD v2.0.1.1 released


Available for download at DiViDeZeRo

What’s new:

– Hardware requirements updated.

– Much faster skipping of read errors with the new “Fast Error Skip” option!

– Windows 2000 fully supported without the need to install ASPI drivers

– Windows NT 4.0 fully supported without the need to install ASPI drivers

– New CloneCD.vxd: Windows 95 & 98 supported without using any ASPI drivers

– No need to disable Auto insert notification

– Access to devices which are in use by CloneCD is now totally blocked for other


– New progress bar with percentage display Estimated remaining time display

– New Image File format, easier to create patches for this format (Image files created

with CloneCD 1.x can be read)

– New Keycodes

– No usage limitations for unregistered version

– Renamed some messages and controls

– Devices are displayed by Drive Letter (Windows 9x and NT4) or their driver name

(Windows 2000). Cryptic addressing with Hostadapter and SCSI ID is no longer used.

– Faster scanning of CDs

– Integrated ECC/EDC error correction

– Read/Write engine reworked Write Errors are now better explained

– CloneCD can play sounds, after an operation is finished