Songpro makes module to turn GameBoy into MP3 player

Songpro has released information on a Nintendo Gameboy module that will turn the handheld gaming device into a MP3 player. If you buy the module you will only have 32 MB flash memory, but the module’s memory can be upgraded to 512 MB.

The module is available for the Nintendo Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance, the device connects trough the USB interface to your home computer.

Songpro makes module to turn GameBoy into MP3 player

Key Product Features:

The SongPro™ MCE plug-in module turns the Nintendo® Game Boy® Color and Game Boy® Advance into a powerful player/recorder/viewer with an expandable memory configuration:

  • Easy to use player controls to play your Windows Media-formatted files, or MP3 files

  • Use music files from your own library or download tracks from the Internet or music subscription services.

  • Plays SongPro enhanced audio files with visuals that can be viewed on the display screen

  • Displays Lyrics, Album Covers and Read-along text or other content such as SongPro Story Books or View Master programs

  • Download existing music libraries files through your PC or Mac via USB connection or direct to the device through kiosks systems

  • Removable storage, two MMC/SD card slots- expandable up to 512 megabytes or to 10 hours of music

  • The module will cost 99$ including headphones, USB cable, User guid and software. More information can be found here.

    Source: Songpro