Sony offers free 8x DVD-R and 4x DVD-RW firmware upgrade for 530 series

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I found a press release by Sony in which the company announces a free
firmware upgrade for their 530 DVD recorder series. The firmware upgrade will
allow the dual format burner to support 8x recording to DVD-R media and 4x
recording to DVD-RW media. According to the press release people will be able to
download the new firmware from the Sony
before the end of February.

With the firmware upgrade, users will be able to record a full
4.7GB DVD-R disc in around 10 minutes, using 8X DVD-R media to achieve the
faster speed. In addition, using 4X DVD-RW media, users will be able
record a full 4X DVD-RW disc in less than 15 minutes.

The firmware
upgrade will increase the drives’ DVD-R speed from an original 4X, and
their DVD-RW speed from an original 2X. Both drives also support up to 8X
DVD+R and 4X DVD+RW, as well as up to 40X CD-R and up to 24X CD-RW
recording speeds.

“Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction
and deliver the best experience possible for users of our Dual RW DVD
drives,” said Robert DeMoulin, marketing manager for branded storage
products in Sony Electronics’ IT Products Division. “By offering speed
upgrades free of charge, we are providing our customers with higher
performance without having to purchase new hardware, while allowing them
to fully enjoy the fun and creativity made possible by the 530 line of DVD

Sony has been recognized as the leader in PC-attached
DVD drives since it introduced the world’s first multi-format DVD burners
in September 2002. Its Dual RW drives have garnered a number of industry
awards and continue to be a top choice for consumers looking to transfer
their VHS tapes to DVD, edit and share their home movies and back up their
personal and business data.

Excellent news to people who own a Sony DRU-530A recorder! When Sony releases
the firmware we’ll of course let you know as soon as possible. In the meantime
feel free to discuss this topic in our Firmware
on Club CD

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