StarForce releases new Keyless CD/DVD-ROM software protection

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In close cooperation with leading
publishers and replicators, StarForce has enriched its portfolio of software
protection solutions by providing a new disk-based activation

StarForce Keyless protection is a new technology which allows storing the
protection key directly on the disc’s surface and helps the end users to avoid
supplying the protection key every time when the protected application is
installed on a certain computer.

Features & Benefits

For the end-user StarForce Keyless makes
the protection – nearly – invisible. The disk-embedded key will be read and
checked directly from the disk, automatically, when starting the application.
The end-user does not have to deal with searching for and entering the key
manually. This makes StarForce Keyless the best option for children’s software
and for users who expect to run the application quickly and with

For software publishers StarForce
Keyless means a savings of costs and turn-around time. As there is no visible
key code to be printed and distributed, the publisher reduces costs by avoiding
last minute changes to the artwork or printing and applying labels or stickers.
The publisher saves time and additional cost as – after creating the final
master with the embedded disk code – the replication and distribution process
need not be interrupted by test pressings and by waiting for a key

Starforce Keyless Technology requires
the cooperation of a StarForce-Keyless qualified replication / mastering plant.
Today StarForce Keyless has been implemented at a number of StarForce
replication partners and is available as a part of their Starforce copy
protection services.

For a replication plant, the
implementation of StarForce Keyless support is very easy, free of charge, and
does not require any investments in dedicated hardware and software. It requires
producing just one or two “dummy glass masters” with one specified Laserbeam
Recorder (LBR) and replicate a few test pressings, one time only. By using the
StarForce toolkit the replication plant will be allowed to create a unique
“Plant LBR Master Conversion Key” allocated to the plant, a specified LBR and
specified LBR settings. – This Plant LBR Master Conversion Key will allow the
plant to create product/publisher specific Keyless release keys through use of
StarForce encryption account data, provided by the publisher of the

StarForce Keyless disk-binding software
activation is available with both StarForce-Basic and StarForce-Professional
encryption and licensing, and can be easily combined with other StarForce

To discuss the advantages of
StarForce Keyless and to learn how to become a certified StarForce Keyless
provider, please contact your nearest StarForce Representative or send email to

To obtain a StarForce Keyless
Plant Account, contact StarForce Customer Support at, or your
regional StarForce sales manager.

Technical Support

Should you have any questions regarding
the protection implementation, please write to our tech support team at

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