TDK ships 8cm double-sided sratchproof DVD camcorder media


-‘“ Company’s First ScratchProof Media Product Features Exclusive
DURABIS Hard Coating Technology for Unyielding Performance in the Field

GARDEN CITY, NY, July 6, 2005 ‘“ TDK, a world leader in digital
recording solutions, announces the introduction of its 8cm ScratchProof Double
Sided DVD recording media for the latest generation of DVD camcorders. In
addition to providing double-sided DVD recording functionality, the innovative
new product also incorporates TDK’s exclusive DURABIS hard coating technology.
Both sides of TDK 8cm ScratchProof Double Sided DVD media feature DURABIS
technology to protect the disc surfaces against common contaminants such as
scratches, fingerprints and dust adherence

Offering 2.8GB capacity, a TDK 8cm ScratchProof Double Sided DVD
provides a full hour of recording in a DVD camcorder. The discs can be played in
virtually any home DVD player. 8cm ScratchProof Double Sided DVD joins TDK’s
complete line of 8cm camcorder media solutions, engineered to provide
professional-level performance to video enthusiasts.

‘Since the inception of the camcorder two decades ago, TDK has
provided media for every camcorder format,” noted Chris Bailey, TDK Director of
Recording Media. ‘By consistently offering industry-leading reliability along
with unsurpassed image and sound quality, TDK has established itself as the
brand that camcorder users trust to capture and preserve once in a lifetime

Bailey concluded, ‘The DVD camcorder format requires optical disc
media to perform in a new and challenging environment ‘“ the outdoors. Not only
does TDK 8cm ScratchProof Double Sided DVD media offer superb recording
stability in the field, but it’s also designed to withstand the rigors of being
handled in less than ideal conditions. TDK’s new 8cm ScratchProof Double Sided
DVD is tough, reliable recording media that incorporates a double-sided
formulation to enable capturing two times more video than was previously
possible with DVD camcorders.”

Media that Protects Your Memories and Your

Designed for the new generation of DVD camcorders, TDK’s 8cm
ScratchProof Double Sided DVD media is the ideal solution for any videographer
who isn’t willing to risk losing once in a lifetime memories. The exclusive
DURABIS coating protects the media against the scratches that can occur when the
discs are transferred between cases, camcorders and DVD players. In addition to
giving TDK 8cm recording media up to 100 times greater scratch resistance than
standard optical discs, DURABIS also makes it easy to wipe off fingerprints, ink
smudges, and accidental food and beverage spills without damaging the disc.

DURABIS drastically enhances the disc’s static discharge rate,
thereby reducing dust adherence. While a conventional DVD releases 50% of an
electrostatic charge after 15 hours, TDK discs featuring DURABIS quickly release
50% of a charge in 50 minutes resulting in a lower rate of dust adherence.
Because the TDK DURABIS coating technology protects the recording layer, it can
prevent write/read errors, jitter and even recording and playback dropouts.
Reducing the amount of dust that can contact a camcorder’s delicate internal
optics can help maintain hardware performance and may extend the device’s

DURABIS also effectively prevents damage from exposure to
ultraviolet rays. In fact, TDK DVD media with DURABIS provides three times
greater resistance to damaging UV light than any other DVD media available.

TDK’s full 8cm DVD media lineup includes 8cm ScratchProof Double
Sided DVD-R, 8cm ScratchProof DVD-R and 8cm ScratchProof DVD-RW, all of which
feature DURABIS technology. All three products are the most damage-resistant
recordable DVD media available. In addition, TDK also offers standard 8cm DVD-R
and DVD-RW. TDK’s newly expanded 8cm DVD recordable media lineup embodies TDK’s
ongoing commitment to providing the widest range of DVD media for every

Rated for recording at up to 2x speed, TDK’s 8cm ScratchProof
Double Sided DVD-R media, ScratchProof DVD-R and ScratchProof DVD-RW are all
currently available at estimated street prices of $6.99, $3.99 and $4.99 each,
respectively. TDK’s standard DVD-R and DVD-RW 8cm media is also currently
available at estimated street prices of $1.99 and $2.99 each, respectively.

About TDK
TDK Corporation (NYSE: TDK) is a leading
global electronics company based in Japan. It was established in 1935 to
commercialize ‘ferrite,” a key material in electronics and magnetics. The
company today is a leader in the development of next-generation technologies
such as Blu-ray Disc recording media, an optical disc ideally suited for
high-definition video recording. TDK offers a full line of recordable DVD and CD
media, digital camcorder tapes, professional data storage solutions and much

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