TEAC vs. Plextor vs. Lite-On burning media

A couple of times now runner1000000 has done some media test with the Plextor PX-W4012A and the Lite-On LTR-40123S as reported here and here comparing how well both drives can write various media. Now, as reported on our forum, runner1000000 extended his tests with the TEAC CD-W540E, another 40x writer:

TEAC vs. Plextor vs. Lite-On burning mediaThe following is a final list of data for the 22 types of media that I burned. All burns are with the latest firmware for each burner.

The information is presented in the following order for each line: brand and speed rating, disk manufacturer, time for Plextor to burn disk, whether disk was readable, time for Lite-on to burn disk, whether disk was readable, time for TEAC to burn disk, whether disk was readable, any additional notes.

  • TDK 32x Taiyo Yuden 3:34 Yes 3:14 Yes 3:11 Yes

  • Plextor 32x Hitachi Maxell 3:23 Yes 3:15 Yes 3:24 Yes

  • Yamaha 24x Mitsui 3:50 Yes 3:15 No 3:20 Yes

  • Fuji Taiyo Yuden 5:13 Yes 5:09 Yes 3:19 Yes

  • Verbatim 24x Mitsubishi 3:26 Yes 3:19 Yes 3:19 Yes

  • Verbatim 32x Mitsubishi 3:27 Yes 3:18 Yes 3:19 Yes

  • GQ 32x Lead Data 3:31 Yes 3:18 Yes 3:19 Yes(Bought at Frys for 2.90 for 10 pack)

  • CompUSA Black 16x CMC 3:38 Yes 3:15 No 3:20 Yes

  • Spin 32x CMC 3:36 Yes 3:13 Yes 3:11 Yes(bought at Office Depot for 14.99 for 50)

  • Imation 24x CMC 3:32 Yes3:14 Yes 3:13 Yes

  • CompUSA 32x Ritek 3:51 Yes 3:19 Yes 3: 47 Yes

  • Sony 32x Sony 3:27 No3:18 Yes 3:24 Yes

  • HP 24x Taiyo Yuden 3:32 Yes 3:15 Yes 3:16 Yes

  • Unbranded 24x Taiyo Yuden 3:32 Yes 3:14 Yes 3:13 Yes

  • TDK 24x Ritek 3:33 Yes 3:15 Yes 3:11 Yes

  • PNY 24x Auvistar 5:19 Yes3:18 Yes 3: 49 Yes

  • Teac 16x CMC 3:38 Yes 3:14 Yes 3:11 Yes

  • Memorex 24x Ritek 3:33 Yes 3:16 Yes 3:14 Yes

  • Pro Media 32x Lead Data 3:27 Yes 3:21 Yes 3:34 Yes

  • Digital Research 32x Ritek 3:34 Yes 3:16 Yes 3:24 Yes

  • Memorex 32x Taiyo Yuden 3:32 Yes 3:15 Yes 3:12 Yes

  • Imation 32x CMC 3:38 Yes 3:14 Yes 3:11 Yes

Some brief notes. All disks were burned using a Pentium 4 1.5 Ghz unit running Windows XP with 256 Meg RDRAM. Each drive is the master on separate IDE connections. The source reader for all media was the LTD-163. The same data disk was used for all burnings. It contains approximately 640 meg. Nero was used for most burns (Nero was used for all Teac burns and for the last 4 media). All burns were checked by viewing explorer to make sure that the disk was recognized and by using CDSpeed to check the readability of the disk. The system used to check the disks was an AMD Athlon 1.2 Ghz unit running Win XP with 256 Meg SDRAM and another LTD-163 (for the plex). The burns with the Lite-on and the TEAC CD-W540E were checked with a Toshiba SD-M1502 on the same unit. The acceptable level of readability was ascertained to be a continuous increase of speed with no large drops in read speed (8x or more) without immediate recovery or a continuous increase in read speed without a waffling of the read speed of greater than plus/minus 1-2x for a sustained period of time of ten minutes or more.

The authors final words are very interesting: The plex was able to burn successfully 21 of the 22 CDs, the Lite-on burned 20 of 22. The TEAC burned 22 of 22!

That confirms our conclusions when we reviewed the TEAC CD-W540E. A quality drive! You can find the original post on the CDRLabs.com forum.

Source: CDRLabs.com