Taiyo Yuden: DVD-R DL Disc for Video Achieves 8x Recording Speed

Taiyo Yuden: DVD-R DL Disc for Video Achieves
8x Recording Speed, Fastest in the Industry
– Perfect for Saving Long-Running Sports Programs –

Taiyo Yuden announces the new single-sided dual-layer DVD-R (DVD-R DL) disc for video archiving purposes with 8x recording speed, fastest in the industry, to go on sale July 1 under the company’s own That’s brand. A DVD recorder capable of 8x recording speed can record 215 minutes of video data saved on a hard disk with standard definition onto the DVD-R DL disc in about 15 minutes.

With the spread of DVD recorders with DVD-R recording functionality, an increasing number of people have come to record programs on hard disks to save them on DVD-R discs later on. Moreover, the World Cup Soccer Tournament opened on June 9, and is to be followed by the World Track and Field Championships in 2007 and the Beijing Olympics in 2008, all events that will provide opportunities for saving long-running sports programs on DVD-R. With a conventional single-sided single-layer DVD-R, however, the video data that can be saved on a single disc is limited to only 120 minutes of standard definition video, and video quality is degraded when longer running videos are saved on such a single-layer DVD-R disc. In addition, while there already exist DVD-R DL products capable of saving longer running video data, of up to 215 minutes of video data in standard definition, they are only able to record at 4x speed, which means that more than 30 minutes is required to transfer video data that have been recorded on a hard disk onto such a DVD-R DL disc.

Taiyo Yuden acted to improve on this performance by utilizing its high-level core technologies in thermal design and substrate design to achieve a DVD-R DL capable of 8x recording speed, the fastest in the industry. This product can record on DVD-R DL up to 215 minutes of video data of standard definition in about 15 minutes.

The new DVD-R DL product is available in two types, one for regular analog broadcast video, and the other with CPRM compatibility for digital broadcast ‘copy once programs,” so-called because they limit digital recording to one copy only. Moreover, a wide printable label extends the printable range by 10mm further inside than regular printable label type, allowing more flexibility for inkjet printers. Sales are to start July 1 with a 5-disc pack in a slim plastic case. Prices will be set as open prices.

Source: Taiyo Yuden