The RIAA \’Emperor’s New Clothes’ case

Any other plaintiff would need to have all the evidence in hand before proceeding in a case’”but not the RIAA!  The organization is so ‘big and bad’ that it somehow deserves special consideration because its cause is just in trying to quash piracy.  The case involves a Paul Wilke, who stated the following in his defense:

…some of the music that the RIAA claims he downloaded he didn’t, and other titles he has on his hard-drive he had purchased as legal CDs. In fact he has not even downloaded any media distribution system on his computer.

This behavior is completely consistent with the RIAA’s behavior in a former case, where it asked the judge not to read a brief that detailed the RIAA’s obvious trampling of generally accepted legal procedures that regular folk have to follow.  While the case should be dismissed under the also generally accepted guideline of ‘lack of evidence,’ this shows how desperate the RIAA is to try to collect money based on what it interprets as ‘violations’ and what it interprets as ‘correct legal proceedings.’

Source: The Inquirer