VSO-Software releases BlindWrite and CopyToDVD updates


GristyMcFisty reports us that a few days after VSO-Software released BlindWrite v5.0.3 and CopyToDVD v2.4.2, the company has released another new version of both software packages. According to the VSO-Software website BlindWrite v5.0.5 fixes a problem with registration and CopyToDVD v2.4.3 fixes a memory problem:

BlindWrite v5.0.5:

  • fix a registration problem (if you have still “your licence is too old” message AFTER this release, and if your licence is LESS than one year old, then contact our support).

CopyToDVD v2.4.3:

  • fix a potential memory leak
More information on both BlindWrite and CopyToDVD can be
found on the VSO website.
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Source: VSO-Software