Virtual Drive: new CD-ROM emulation app

News submitted by Fernando:

“Virtual Drive is a revolutionary new CD-ROM emulation application. It gives you an easy way to store CDROM images on your computer without having to insert the CDROM every

time you want to play it. It actually creates a new virtual CDROM drive (up to 23 new Virtual CDROM drives), that is accessible through Explorer just like any other drive.”

But there’s more:

“Virtual Drive5.1 comming soon!

* Multiple CD drives support for Win 95/98 clients

* Partial CDROM build capability – Cutomize Virtual CDROM

* New Intelligent extraction method With this new

enhancement, many latest games are supported, such as

Microsoft: Age of Empires 2-nd edition / Flight

Simulation 2000/ Encarta 2000, Electronic Arts: Fifa

2000 / ComMand & Conquer – Tiberian Sun / NBA LIVE 2000/

Dungeon Keeper 2 / Need For Speed 4-th edition / Top

World Saninet and so on ……

System Support-Windows 2000 / Windows NT 4.x / Windows 98 / 95. Language Supports – English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Germany”

More info at: Farstone