Warner to make its music video collection online

After the music group Warner having difficulty in keeping its music videos off of YouTube, not to mention complaining to Google over it, they are finally starting to realise a better way would be actually host its music videos online.  Warner announced that it would work with the online company Premium TV to host its videos for free viewing, using advertisements to make revenue.

It is unclear at this time what viewing limitations will be in place, such as if viewers will be able to download the videos or just stream them.  However, at least the company is finally interested making better use of online content. 

On the other hand, unlike EMI, Warner insists on keeping DRM in place, especially with online music services.  Going by this DefectiveByDesign report, Warner even suggested a hostile takeover of EMI in an aim to stop it from making its music available without DRM.  Warner even recently sued AnywhereCD.com for providing MP3 versions of Warner’s music when customers bought the CDs, just to show its addiction of DRM.

Thanks to GristyMcFisty for letting us know about this news.