What it’s like to visit BestBuy the day after Thanksgiving


Whoo boy! I don’t know what my friends across the pond are doing this week, but over in the good old US of A, we just got done with Thanksgiving. This is a great time to get together with family, set the jobs aside and just have some good old-fashioned family bonding. But, historically, the following day also kicks off the holiday season of mind blowing shopping deals.

For the first time in years, ok ever, the three men in the family made the choice of turning our backs on television, with it’s plethora of football games and decided to nobly venture out where no man has gone before, (or has been needed) in search of bargains. Yes, I mean to say that three guys that had not had that much to drink, agreed to go do some discount shopping together the day affter Thanksgiving. The resulting melee that we were forced to witness due to that covenant was going to be unforgettable.


So, we ventured off to the city and we soon saw the unthinkable. From 18 dollar DVD players (not pictured) to *gasp* 5 top of the line DVD movies for 25 dollars. Our first (and last) stop was to BestBuy. Parking across the street at another mall because there were no places to park at BestBuy, our “spidey senses” had already begun to tingle, warning us to turn back. But, we were unafraid (ignorant) and pressed on. We were immediately taken aback at the site of the great pulsing and throbbing masses we encountered as we attempted to approach the front entrance! I have never in my life seen so many people crammed and funneling into a store in my life. This crowd had been building since the store opened at 5:30 am that morning; we even learned shortly afterwards that people had actually camped outside since 9 pm the prior evening! Why? I don’t know either!

Folks, this ain’t sunny California I’m talking about, this is Colorado! I hope they didn’t get frostbite. I wouldn’t know, because when I got there, it was clear from the get go; this was a situation where it was every man and woman for themself. Time to “shift gears.”



Once inside, we quickly asked directions to the bargain DVD aisle, as my brother in law and I fought and clawed our way to the DVD sale stand, (it’s under the blue balloons) I glanced back over my shoulder only to see my father in law standing in some sort of catatonic state near the big screen TV aisle. No doubt mentally kicking himself for tagging along with these other two morons. No matter, there was work to do and the clock was ticking, after all “The Day After Tomorrow” widescreen edition was on sale until 12 noon for $9.99! Family took a back seat now, entertainment libraries were being built. Surely he will be alright for the next half hour or so! Meanwhile, we both scarfed 10 DVD’s each at the $4.99 blowout price and yes, we nabbed The Day After Tomorrow not to mention “Boondog Saints” for a fraction of it’s original asking price. LOL we had to laugh when we saw the cube shaped package “Seinfeld: Seasons 1,2,3” for $98 dollars, as Arnold says “I’ll be back”.

All told I was able to pick up 12 DVD movies-good ones too that day, for a total of 74 bucks tax included. However, there is always a downside and this time it was the checkout line. Imagine our horror as we head toward the exit with out bounty only to discover that 25 percent of the store aisles had been reserved and transformed into a snaking queue of a checkout line that held 900 shoppers! I am not making this up. We looked at each other in disbelief, thinking quickly, my father in law said: “Let’s leave!” Startled that he had suddenly regained his ability to speak, my brother in law Charlie and I just looked at each other, our minds racing! 

Charlie says: “Let’s take all our stuff and hide it, then we can come back later!” I said: “What about the 6 hour sale? I am not about to pay $24.99 for ‘ The Day After Tomorrow”. It’s 10 am right now! It ends at noon! They better honor this price to all who are in line!” “Oh yeah” he says.” I said: “I just went through hell to get this stuff and I am not leaving empty handed!” So we waited in the line chatting and by golly an hour or so later, we made it to the register. As we exited out the front door smirking, the shoplifting alarms were bleating incessantly in our ears but no one seemed to care least of all not us, we had our receipts. Suddenly, we see a woman walking towards the entrance, the poor thing didn’t have a clue for what she was in for. Walking briskly, she stumbled and sprained her ankle, yet without missing a step she said sarcastically, “Boy that felt good!” and brushed by us at full speed, oblivious to the pain. Damn, compared to the women, we men are just a bunch of lightweights when it comes to bargain shopping.


Happy Holidays!


Source: CD Freaks