Yahoo to extend music service ‘Launch Music’ to Europe

GristyMcFisty lets us know that U.S. based Internet media company Yahoo will bring its music service called ‘Launch Music’ to Europe. The service will not only offer music downloads but also music videos and artist interviews:

Yahoo does not sell music downloads in North America, but the company said it would consider launching such features in the United States and abroad in the future. Launch’s customer base of monthly visitors tops 9 million.

“What we will be doing is building this service to take Launch global, and then we’ll look at the opportunities,” David Goldberg, vice president and general manager for Launch Music on Yahoo, told Reuters.

Goldberg said Launch will likely team up with British music site Dotmusic, which is owned by BT Group, as part of a newly struck alliance to bring entertainment content to BT OpenWorld broadband subscribers.

According to the article the European Launch Music website will primarily be advertiser-supported, as it is in North America.