Zune becomes 2nd leading portable HDD player

When Microsoft launched its Zune media player, there were concerns about whether or not this player would succeed at all with Microsoft choosing yet another DRM system, incompatible with its existing PlaysForSure DRM.  However, going by this PCPro report, Microsoft has already succeeded in becoming the 2nd most popular hard disk based portable player on the market. 

On the other hand, despite the millions of HDD based iPod sold already, Microsoft has yet to reach the 1 million mark for the Zune, although they did mention they are on track to reach this mark by the end of the fiscal year of June 30th.  However, despite reports that Microsoft has already sold a million Zunes, Microsoft has denied this and that the quote made by Robbie Bach at an interview with the San Francisco newspaper was incorrect.

It is interesting to see the Microsoft Zune already ahead of the Creative Zen Vision:M on sales.  However, it has a long way to go before it comes close to Apple’s HDD market. 
Further info can be read in this
PC Pro report and on this Zune Insider blog.  Thanks to GristyMcFisty for letting us know about this news.