AACS-LA speaks: Slysoft fined $30k, comments on DVDFab case

AACS-LA attorney Bruce Turnbull stated in an interview that Slysoft received a $30,000 fine. In the same interview he also talked about the DVDFab case. The interview was given to the website of the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA).


The interview reveals that Slysoft lost a legal judgement in February this year. In a court on Antigua, where Slysoft is located, the founder of the company was found guilty for violating the Antiguan copyright laws. The $30,000 fine might not be big, however the precedent is important to the AACS-LA. The organisation remains unable to close down Slysoft, but hopes to go after companies providing services to the Antigua based company.  Turnbull states in the interview, “We can say to those who do business with them: ‘This is an illegal activity”

In 2011 the AACS-LA also took Slysoft to court but nothing came out of the case. Apparently the AACS-LA tried to settle with Slysoft, or at least tried to let them cease operation voluntarily. As Turnbull states, “We discovered SlySoft several years ago and tried to offer various forms of self help, if you will”, and adds, ‘”We didn’t get very far with that”.

In 2013 the World Trade Organisation gave permission to Antigua to violate U.S. copyrights. The income generated by that should compensate for the U.S. restrictions on gambling sites hosted in the country. Nevertheless the AACS-LA found a way to bring Slysoft to court in Antigua which resulted in the company being found guilty for violating the law of the country.


In the last line of the interview Turnbull states about both Slysoft and DVDFab, “We see both the DVDFab.com and SlySoft cases as those that show the importance of anti-circumvention provisions in the law, both here and abroad. It bodes well for our ability to protect content going forward.”