Acer sticking with tablets, making ‘optimal adjustments’

Acer’s Iconia tablet may not be a household name or big seller like competitors the Kindle Fire and iPad, but the Taiwanese computer outfit said it will stand by the product despite whispers to the contrary.

Acer sticking with tablets, making 'optimal adjustments'

DigiTimes has reported that Acer Founder Stan Shih remains hopeful the company can rejigger its tablet-making operations and stay relevant in the competitive market.

Admitting that Acer is “experiencing frustration” partly due to the Iconia’s lackluster commercial reception, Shih shot down rumors that it would pack up its tablet business and focus on its bread and butter: notebooks.

Shih explained that exploiting developmental redundancies within the tablet and smartphone sectors would cut down on costs and simplify operations. Acer said no lay-offs within either under-performing business are planned.

Acer’s new Android 4.0-powered Iconia A200 tablet will hit U.S. stores early next year. The company has thus far declined to offer a definitive MSRP for the device’s two models, but confirmation of its European price tags provide a ballpark figure: $400-$500.

Acer stayed busy in 2011 pushing its line of next-gen ultrabook, the Aspire S3. The powerful devices’ sky-high price tags have stalled mainstream adoption.

Earlier this month, Acer President Jim Wong confirmed its current $1,000+ ultrabooks would see a price cut to the $799-$899 range sometime in the first half of 2012. It won’t be until 2013 that the Aspire S3 falls to just $499, he added.