Adapter from Apple’s old to new Lightning connector goes at $29

If you’re an Apple fan you’re probably used to grab your wallet and pay a little extra for ‘usability and design’. And if you’re planning to purchase the recently announced iPhone 5 then you’re likely also in for an additional charge, if you, for example, want to continue to use your current docking station.

The great minds at Apple have come up with a new connector for the iPhone 5, called Lightning. The benefit mainly seems to be that you can fit it in both sides and according to Apple it was the only way to make their phone thinner.

Adapter from Apple's old to new Lightning connector goes at

This creates a problem for many car, hotel and gym owners who allow an Apple product to be hooked up to sound system, it will no longer fit if someone wants to connect the new iPhone 5.  But Apple won’t let its customers down and has a solution,  if you want to continue to use your current iPhone accessories that use the old ‘iPod’  30 pin connector, then for a little $29,- you can buy an adapter at the online Apple store. Guess who are really happy with it, yes accessory stores.

All other phone manufacturers have agreed on using a single standard, micro USB. This to ensure that the jungle of adapters for mobile phones is gone and that for optimum  interchangeability between phones and accessories, also between newer and older generations. Apple is the only phone manufacturer who doesn’t follow this standard and has its own connectors.