Adblock Plus finds new method to block advertisements in Facebook – cat and mouse game continues

Posted 29 September 2017 02:41 CEST by Jan Willem Aldershoff

Adblock developer Eyeo reports it has found a new way to block advertisements on Facebook. The company and the social network are in an ongoing cat and mouse game on blocking advertisements that has been going on for more than a year now.

Last year August Facebook announced that it would show advertisements to users with an ad blocker. The company stated to have found a way to circumvent ad blockers by making the code of advertisements similar to that of regular Facebook content. Nevertheless, ad blockers still found a way to differentiate between regular Facebook and ads, which means advertisements on the social network were effectively blocked again. In its turn, Facebook found a way to trick ad blockers, meaning users with ad blockers still saw ads on the social network.

Since then there is a cat and mouse game between the two. Eyeo stated it was regrettable that Facebook went against the wishes of its users. A year later Eyeo stated that Facebook users still don’t want to see unsolicited ads.

Therefore, Eyeo has come up with a new solution that should make sure that advertisements on Facebook are blocked, but this time it should last much longer. The ad block filter will analyze each Facebook post to determine whether it’s an advertisement or not. If it detects a post is an advertisement, it will block it.

Eyeo does recognize that it’s a matter of time before Facebook will also circumvent this method, after which Eyeo has to find a new method again.

Adblock users who want to use the new solution to block ads on Facebook should update their filter list.

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