Adblock Plus pays other adblock developers to show advertisements

Adblockers have found a new business model by making money from allowing advertisements in their user’s browser. The technology that was once invented to provide users an advertisement-free browsing experience is now making money from … advertisements! This has become clear now Adblock Plus offers its technology to other adblock developers for iOS 9.


In the US the adblockers Peace and Purify top the charts of most downloaded apps since iOS 9 was released. Users still see advertisements when using the apps, because the developers are paid by Eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus. The company has developed Acceptable Ads, which whitelists advertisements it considers ‘acceptable’. In order for advertisers to get on the whitelist they have to share their advertising revenues. Google and Microsoft pay a whopping 30% of their advertising revenue to Eyeo.

Developers that make use of Acceptable Ads receive up to $5000 monthly from Eyeo. This means that adblockers no longer benefit from making the best possible product for their users, but now make money from whitelisting as much advertisements as possible.