Adobe Security breach affects 2.9M customers

It seems Adobe is the latest high profile organisation to be affected by security concerns following a successful cyber attack.
The software giant has revealed that personal information belonging to 2.9 million of its customers, including passwords and payment details, was downloaded from their servers in the latest high profile hack.

According to Adobe the data was encrypted however for users that have had their details stolen that’s only a lifesaver if the encryption isn’t broken.

Adobe has promised to reset passwords for those accounts it believes to have been affected and has advised users to change their passwords on other sites if they’ve used the same details. The company has also offered users whose credit card details are believed to have been stolen a one year subscription to a credit monitoring programme.

Perhaps of wider concern, and of even more interest to those not immediately affected, 40GB of Adobe source code was also downloaded which according to security experts raises the prospect of seemingly official updates containing malicious code.

The BBC discusses this story further here.