Advertorial: Are You Really Anonymous on the Web?

Privacy stays a dream in the era of big data. Millions of users don’t even know that their activities are constantly recorded into secret databases and used either for management decisions or for private activities online controlling. Internet users may not remain online criminals but there are still some areas of their life they don’t want to disclose to anybody, and even more, to hackers or spying agencies. They try to use simple solutions, so here we want to discuss what these solutions are and why they stay not helpful.

Watching behind your back

3 Mistakes Making Users Easily Monitored With the Web

It stays not just telling that browsers or operating systems developers don’t pay attention to clients’ privacy. They care but spying agencies and hackers stay smart enough to overcome barriers, created by them. And if one wants to remain smarter than they seem, there are no freeways. Unless users don’t pay for top VPNs, they will not become completely anonymous on the Web. One may argue but we already know these arguments and can respond to them:

  • Browsing the Internet using the different name: This is the same story with deleting your browser’s history. This may work for your parents, your spouse or your boss but it will not keep you anonymous. Anyway, your ISP knows you not by your name but by your IP and information you send and receive from the provider;
  • Relying on security systems of your operating system: You may say, well, I don’t use Windows 10 so I stay completely secure from any external intrusions. In practice, these solutions stay too weak and have particular holes. Unless you don’t use operating system from a special flash driver, you can’t rely on such systems at all;
  • Acquiring free VPNs: Well, this can work for your Internet Service Provider and, at some point, for defending you from government supervision. The problem is that, unless it stays not a trial version of a paid service, its encryption and privacy features remain very weak. You may also face a sharp decline in your internet speed as well as a great amount of advertising, which you might never need.

Encrypted links 

How Much Should One Pay for Online Privacy?

Don’t believe advertisements, there is no free cheese unless it is spoiled. Users take responsibility for their visibility on the Web while it is their choice of what price and what amount of service should they have. If you don’t work in a large company with hundreds of clients demanding complete privacy, you should only rely on the premium quality. If you simply want to remain undetected when using Wi-fi in a cafeteria, you don’t need to pay for a top-notch service. Read reviews, explore services and find the best for you (you may not but then don’t be over-optimistic about your real anonymity).