After two years, hard disks finally back to pre-flood prices

Unlimited storage backup provider Backblaze reports HDD prices are finally at pre-flood levels. It’s been two years now since floods in Thailand destroyed production facilities of HDD manufacturers like Toshiba, Western Digital and Seagate. HDDs became scarce and prices went up and analysts estimated it would take a year to recover.

In reality it took until now,  two years later, before prices of HDDs are back to normal. As Backblaze offers unlimited backup capacity,  costs of HDDs are an important factor for the company.


To avoid paying too much for HDDs, the company went as far as having family members and friends buy USB HDDs, which were dismantled for usage in the Backblaze data centers. Apparently the external HDD brands were able to negotiate better prices or still had stock of HDDs manufactured before the floods.