Aiseesoft and Slysoft on United States copyright blacklist

Two software companies developing products that can circumvent the AACS Blu-ray copy-protection are on a blacklist of the US Government. A tipster provided us with a link to a document containing many websites and locations around the world where alleged copyright infringement takes place.

The document also makes clear that the owner of Slysoft is currently in legal battle. The document states about both companies:


  • Rights holders indicate that this site’s operators, reportedly based in China, develop and make available to customers worldwide various “high-quality” DVD converter tools, video converter tools, and a DVD and video converter suite that, according to the site, allow users to circumvent technical protection measures and view video content in an unauthorized manner.
  •, based in Antigua and Barbuda, sells software that removes region coding and other technological protection measures from optical disks so they can be viewed and copied without the authorization of copyright holders. The Government of Antigua and Barbuda charged’s owner with criminal violations of anti-circumvention laws. While prosecution is pending, continues to distribute its software worldwide.

Earlier we reported that Aiseesoft ceased sales of Blu-ray ripping products and received a statement from the company that it was unrelated to recent events with DVDFab. The fact that the company is on the US blacklist sheds another light on this.


Apparently the company is already on a watchlist and in danger of being shut-down which might explain their removal of Blu-ray ripping products from their website.

The document also lists previous successes of shutting down sites that were previously on the list. E.g the Isohunt is listed a success as the site owner agreed to shut down the site and pay $110 million as part of a settlement.