Amazon Adds Infrequent Access Option for Cheaper File Storage


Amazon Web Services (AWS) added a new option for making file storage cheaper and easy with Infrequent Access Option.

According to Amazon Web Services product management director Duncan Lennox, the new option is designed for the seamless migration of dormant files. “One of the things that we heard a lot from our customers was, ‘Can you make EFS cheaper? We love it but we’d like to use more of it.”


By the time that stored data becomes dormant, maintaining these in an active storage system becomes expensive and inefficient. Amazon Web Services looked into this particular concern and developed the Infrequent Access Option to solve the problem.

“What we discovered is that we could develop this infrequent access storage class, and how it works is you turn on a capability we call life-cycle management and it’s completely automated after that,” said Lennox.

Amazon Cheaper File Storage


Basically, the new option automatically moves the storage class after a specific amount of time. For instance, if the set period is 30 days, all data not read or written will be moved to the Infrequent Access storage class. Compared to standard storage class, this new option is 92 percent cheaper.

The new storage system plan comes out as $0.08/GB per month and is fully-managed with a cloud-native NFS file system. Meanwhile, AWS charges $0.25/GB per month for files stored on EFS IA. In addition, the EFS also has elastic storage with files automatically created or deleted without distraction.

The reduced allows customers to enjoy improved data storage with maximum efficiency. More businesses can take advantage of the new option for maximizing operational efficiency while the total cost of ownership is only a fraction of the original price.

Lennox highlighted the goal of Amazon Web Services in focusing less on infrastructure and ‘innovating faster for customers.’

Elastic File System

AWS introduced the Elastic File System is a simple cloud service offered by Amazon to enjoy on-premise resources while paying a low price. This system was built to support applications growing while having the ability to eliminate files to manage overall storage capacity.

When asked about the benefits of the new Infrequent Access Option, Lennox said that ‘Transparently is a key differentiator for this service. Savings are moot if the data vanishes from user file directories. With the EF SIA, the data is moved invisibly, so it remains visible and accessible to users.”