Amazon Launches Shopper Panel Program to Get Customer Data


E-commerce giant Amazon launched a new program on Wednesday, October 21, 2020, to obtain user data and gain more insights regarding the purchasing habits and activities of its customers. Called the Amazon Shopper Panel, this initiative urges customers to send in receipts in exchange for money.

The program comes years after the retail company promised the United States Congress that it was not collecting data from third-party sellers to improve its platform, brand, and products, reports Gizmodo.


Apart from requiring customers to send in at least 10 receipts per month for any of their qualified purchases from partner merchants, Tech Crunch states the program will ask users to answer a series of short surveys.

Amazon Launches Shopper Panel Program

The surveys will focus on aksing users about the products and brands that pose interest to the customers and the probability of these users to purchase products flashed or presented on the screen. Other surveys may ask users to share their thoughts regarding particular ads, reports Tech Crunch.


The paper receipts can be sent through the program’s app or via email to The app is available on both Android and iOS devices via the Google Play Store and the App Store.

According to PYMNTS, respondents who took part in the program can earn as much as $10 per month for receipts not made on the retail giant’s network. The $10 can be used towards the user’s balance on the retail platform or donated towards a charitable institution of their choice. Additional rewards can be earned per month for every survey completed.

The qualifying receipts should come from participating non-Amazon retailers. These include department stores, grocery stores, drug stores, and entertainment outlets such as movie theaters, restaurants, and theme parks.

Meanwhile, Tech Crunch states that purchases and receipts from Amazon Go, Whole Foods, Amazon Four Star, and Amazon Book are not included in the program.

In its release, the retail giant said its latest program aims to “help brands offer better products and make ads more relevant on Amazon.” The company claims that user data and the customers’ shopping activities will remain confidential, reports PYMNTS.

However, Tech Crunch points out that while the e-Commerce giant claims to delete sensitive information, such as the prescription data, the customer’s personal data will remain on the app in accordance with its current Privacy Policy.

Data obtained by the company will be used to “improve the product selection on and affiliate stores such as Whole Foods Market,” as well as “improve the content offered through services such as Prime Video,” reports Gizmodo.

While the app has launched in the United States, it is currently available for invite-only participation. Individuals interested in using the app and sharing insights via the program may do so by waitlisting.