Amazon Web Services Lands Best Enterprise Data Storage

Data Storage Solutions Review listed Amazon Web Services with the best enterprise data storage products and services.

Amazon’s Elastic Clock Store, Simple Storage Services and AWS Backup are among the highlighted products featured by the Solutions Review. According to the website, with Amazon’s storage products, ‘a user can select from the object, block and file storage services as well as cloud data migration options when selecting their solutions.’

Amazon Web Services Lands Best Enterprise Data Storage

Amazon prides itself in offering high-performance storage systems made for high volume applications and on-premises resources. The AWS Storage Gateway is a hybrid storage cloud that is for migrating and bursting on-premises environment.

In addition, Amazon also allows support not just for applications but also compliance requirements. Basically, the tech company offers foundation designing that is appropriate for a customer’s Cloud IT environment.

The Elastic Block Store Storage is a reliable system that allows big data processing, backup, and data warehousing. For more scalable file systems, the Elastic File System is recommended by the Solutions Review.

Meanwhile, other companies like Caringo, Cloudian, Cohesity, DellEMC, and Fujitsu also made it to the best enterprise data storage list. Huawei is also part of the list even after being banned in the United States due to security issues.

Security Issues

While AWS products promise amplified security and long-term storage, recent news about Capital One data breach was linked to Amazon’s cloud services.

In a massive attack happened last March 2019, personal details of roughly 100 million customers of the Capital One were accessed and stolen via a misconfigured firewall. Social security numbers, unique names, addresses, and credit card numbers were part of the stolen data from the data breach incident.

Amazon has distanced itself with the issue, saying Capital One is responsible for the attack because of their own applications. CEO Jeff Bezos even said that there is no strong evidence showing that Amazon’s cloud service is to be blamed for the incident.

Web services spokesperson said, “AWS was not compromised in any way and functioned as designed. The perpetrator gained access through a misconfiguration of the web application and no underlying cloud-based infrastructure.”

In the website of amazon, it is stressed out that customers have full ownership and control over their personal data and how they want these to be stored. In the site, it is indicated that ‘You [customers] choose how the content is secured.’

A 33-year-old suspect was arrested in relation to the data breach incident.